60 AD
Bible Division
Jesus: A Closer Look
4004 BC2021 AD
5 BC — 33 AD



Chapter Outline

1. Introduction; John's and Jesus' Birth Foretold; Mary's Song; Zachariah's Prophecy2. Jesus' Birth; Announcement by Angels; Presentation at the Temple; Return to Nazareth; The Boy Jesus Visits the Temple3. John the Baptist Preaches and Baptizes Jesus; Genealogy of Jesus4. Jesus' Temptation; Rejection at Nazareth; Public Ministry; Healings5. Jesus Calls First Disciples Heals the Leper and Paralytic Calls Matthew Questioned about Fasting6. Lord of the Sabbath; The Twelve Apostles; Beatitudes; Love for Enemies; Do not Judge; Tree and Fruits; House on the Rock7. Jesus Heals a Centurion's Servant Raises a Widow's Son answer John's messengers; Mary Anoints Jesus8. Parables of the Sower and Lamp; Jesus Calms the Storm Heals the Demoniac Raises a Dead Girl9. Jesus Sends out the Twelve Feeds 5000 Heals a Boy; Transfiguration; Cost of Following Jesus10. Jesus Sends out the Seventy-two; Good Samaritan; Martha and Mary's House11. Instruction about Prayer; Casting out Demons; the Sign of Jonah; Woes upon Pharisees12. God Knows All; Parable of the Rich Fool; Anxiety; Watchfulness13. Call to Repent; Healing on the Sabbath; Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast; Enter by the Narrow Door14. Jesus Heals Again on the Sabbath; Parable of the Banquet; Cost of Discipleship15. Parables of the Lost Sheep Lost Coin and Prodigal Son16. The Parables of the Shrewd Manager and the Rich Man and Lazarus17. Forgiveness and Faith; Cleansing of the Ten Lepers; Second Coming Foretold18. Parables of the Persistent Widow Pharisee and Tax Collector; The Rich Young Ruler; The Healing of a Blind Beggar19. Zacchaeus Converted; Parable of the Ten Minas; Triumphal Entry; Driving Traders from Temple20. Jesus' Authority; Parable of the Tenants; Give to Caesar; Marriage at the Resurrection21. The Widow's Gift; Signs of the End of the Age22. Preparing the Passover; Jesus Arrested Disowned by Peter23. Jesus before Pilate and Herod; Jesus' Crucifixion and Burial24. The Resurrection; Road to Emmaus; Appearances to disciples Ascension


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