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Since the fall of man over 6,000 years ago when sin entered the world, God has wanted to provide a way for mankind to overcome the penalties of sin. Throughout the Old Testament you'll see God tried over and over with the Hebrew people through various rules and covenants. Unfortunately, each time, the people failed to live up to the standards needed in order to remain pure. Then, finally, in the New Testament we see God came through for not just one group of people but the entire world past, present and future! How did He do that? Well, He sent His own Son, Jesus, to live on this earth as a flawless, sinless human being. Then, since Jesus was pure and faultless, He offered Himself up as a blood sacrifice that would cover ALL SIN! It's really a tragic story, but it DOESN'T END THERE!

Just 2 days after Jesus was crucified on the cross, He rose to life from the dead! This is why Christians celebrate Easter each year. And this why it is ONLY HE who can offer the Gift of Eternal Life. The ONE who has ALREADY defeated DEATH! And guess what? That is EXACTLY what Jesus did! Halleluiah!

After defeating death, Jesus stuck around long enough to say "Hi" to some of His closest family and friends. Can you imagine?! This is the stuff that the TV and Movie industries only dream of! However, He stayed for a much more important reason and that was to complete one more task before returning home to Heaven. He literally breathed Life into the Church. And that is the SAME CHURCH that we as Christians belong to and that YOU CAN ALSO enter into TODAY!

This is why the Church is known as the BODY of CHRIST, of JESUS! It was His breath of life that started the church, and through Him, we are ONE in the SPIRIT! We, as Christians, are all brothers and sisters that play a vital part in the Body of Christ! All for the sake of being able to know God and to spend all of Eternity with Him! When we come to life after death, there will be NO MORE PAIN, or SUFFERING! All will be RESET to the Heaven and Earth that God calls way back in Genesis, the first book, VERY GOOD! Only THIS TIME, it'll be FOREVER!

If you've not given thought to what happens after life on earth or are interested in learning more about how to become a Christian, we urge you to find a local church body or a close friend or family member to talk to. Make sure that they believe in God's Word which is the Bible that contains BOTH the Old and New Testament, and just talk to them about it! Jesus's own words are added to the New Testament in which He Himself speaks of the Old Testament books. It is the TRUE WORD from the Creator of Heaven and Earth! You can also take a look at what we call THE GOSPEL, which are the 1st 5 Books in the New Testament which tell of the story of Jesus as a Man, God incarnate. Then simply talk to Him, ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and accept His gift of Eternal Life! And your journey will have JUST BEGUN!

There IS a point to this life! You are NOT an animal! You were MADE in the likeness of GOD, not an Ape! And He cares for you dearly. He did NOT send His Perfect Son to die for just some random beings that came to life on their own! He died for YOU! He WANTS YOU to spend all of Eternity with! Come to Him, into His loving Grace, TODAY!


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