Donations are great, but we're called to be Good Stewards with all that God provides. In an effort to help all ministries in the Digital Manna Network, we're building a store that sits right next to our archival content!

At any point, while users are finding content, reading articles, learning about God's Word or doing a deep study, they can jump over to our Store to be presented with related products! Loved that verse? Want a professional print of that material for your class? Order it, then get back to prepping!

Please Note: We are still determining what kind of material will be made available for sale. Our current thinking is that every product will require a free digital version of that product (ex. lesser quality, self print) and/or products with a digital tie-in (ex. a toy with digital stories, the stories are free, the toy is not). 

Look for this feature update to begin rolling out in the coming months.

Updated: January 25th, 2021