Royal Purple

Royal Purple Fibers Found from King David/Solomon's Day

Do your clothes keep their color for 3,000+ years? We can still see the vivid color of royal purple in these strands of wool that are placed in the time of King David and King Solomon!

Multiple dyed fabrics were found in modern day Timna Valley (not mentioned in Scripture) and dated to around 1000 BC.

Jews will immediately recognize the color as matching their Hebrew word "argaman" which is found dozens of times in reference to purple or reddish-purple in the Old Testament. But more interestingly, there are about a half dozen mentions of the Greek word "porphyrous" in the New Testament which is actually linked to the shellfish from which the dye is produced!

King David & King Solomon (among others)
Both David and Solomon used the color purple for their garments and even seat covers! Keep in mind that this dye costs more than gold!

A robe of this more-costly-than-gold dye was used to mock Jesus alongside the crown of thorns prior to His crucifixion. 

The Rich Man
In the story of the Rich Man who died, went to hell and begged to warn his brethren of his fate, was adorned in purple and fine linen.

The Tabernacle
God commanded that 10 curtains, each 42 feet long and 6 feet wide, be decorated with blue, purple and scarlet thread for use even in the portable tabernacle! 

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