Jesus Teleported!

Did you know that Jesus Teleported?

Many are familiar with spirit forms appearing here and there, but we also know physical forms moved from one place to the next... instantly! It's even likely that Jesus teleported an entire boat full of people!

Others may recall Jesus appearing to the disciples. In Luke 24:36-43, we see that they thought He was a ghost, and it wasn't until they touched Him and fed him did they believe! Granted, they all watched Him die, but did they really have an excuse?

While Jesus was yet alive, He walked out on water during a fierce storm to where the disciples were. They had sailed 3-4 miles out into the sea. Once they knew it was Jesus, they pulled Him aboard and then the storm ceased. If that wasn't enough, as you'll read in most translations, the boat was immediately on shore in the location they were trying to reach in the first place! John 6:18-21

Walking on water, that's great. Calming a storm, pretty sweet. Teleporting a boat full of people... no big deal, right?!

There are other physical instances of teleportation as well. Philip was transported by "the Spirit of the Lord" to a location 30 miles away! Check it out for yourself in Acts 8:39-40.

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