Ashtoreth - עַשְׁתֹּרֶת


Asherah, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Athtart, Ashtart, Ishtar, Isis, Hathor, Anath
False Goddess of the Moon


Known by many names, this false goddess of the moon is sometimes seen as a consort or female counterpart of the sun god Baal (Chemosh, Molech, etc.).

Lulled in by his pagan wives, King Solomon built a temple to worship Asherah/Ashtoreth which was later torn down by King Josiah who brought Israel back to God. The places of worship to this goddess are often comprised of a grove with a carved tree located in the center. 

As a goddess of love, worship often consisted of sensuality and prostitution, and it's leaders also practiced divination and fortune-telling.

Below are the names of moon, sky/heaven and love goddesses that likely share the same or similar origin:

  • Asheroth / Asherah (Jews, Philistines, Sidonians)
  • Astarte (Phoenicians)
  • Anath (Canaanites)
  • Atargatis (Arameans)
  • Ishtar (Assyrians/Akkadians)
  • Isis / Eset / Aset (Egyptians)
  • Hathor (Egyptians)
  • Aphrodite (Greeks)

"...there is nothing new under the sun." - Ecclesiastes 1:9



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