"Gift of Yahweh"
60 AD
Bible Division
Jesus: King of the Jews
4004 BC2021 AD
4 BC — 33 AD


Chapter Outline

1. The Genealogy Conception and Birth of Jesus2. Visit of the Magi; Escape to Egypt; Slaughter of Infants; Return to Nazareth3. John Preaches Repentance and Baptizes Jesus in the Jordan4. The Temptation of Jesus; Jesus Begins to Preach Calls First Disciples Ministers in Galilee5. The Sermon on the Mount; Beatitudes; Salt; Law; Murder; Adultery; Divorce; Oaths; Enemies6. Giving to the Poor; Lord's Prayer; Fasting; Treasure in Heaven; Do Not Worry7. Do Not Judge; Ask; Seek; Knock; Golden Rule; Narrow Gate; Good Fruit; Foundation on Rock8. Jesus Heals Leper; Centurion's Servant; Peter's Mother-in-Law; Cost of Discipleship; Rebuking the Storm; Demons into Pigs9. Jesus Heals a Paralytic Calls Matthew and Heals; the Workers are Few10. Christ Sends out His Twelve Apostles enabling them with power to do miracles11. John's Disciples and Jesus' Tribute; Woe to Unrepentant Cities; Rest for the Weary12. The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath; By Their Fruit; Sign of Jonah; Who are my Mother and Brothers?13. Parables of the Sower; Weeds among Wheat; Mustard Seed; Yeast; Treasure; Pearls; Net; Prophet without Honor14. John the Baptist Beheaded; Jesus Feeds Five Thousand Walks on Water15. Clean and Unclean; Jesus Heals the Canaanite Woman's Daughter Feeds Four Thousand16. Pharisees Demand a Sign; Peter's Confession of Christ; Jesus Foretells His Death and Rebukes Peter17. The Transfiguration of Christ; Healing a Boy with a Demon; Paying the Temple Tax18. Greatest and Least in the Kingdom; Parables of the Lost Sheep Brother who sins Unmerciful Servant19. Divorce; Jesus and the Little Children; the Rich Young Ruler20. Parable of the Vineyard Workers; Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection Heals Two Blind Men21. The Triumphal Entry; Moneychangers; Withered Fig Tree; Jesus' Authority; Parables of the Two Sons Landowner22. Parable of the Wedding Banquet; Render to Caesar; the Greatest Commandment; Sadducees Question Jesus23. Woes Pronounced on Pharisees; Lament over Jerusalem24. Christ Foretells the Destruction of the Temple and His Glorious Return25. Parables of Ten Virgins Talents Sheep and Goats26. Plot to Kill Jesus; Jesus Anointed at Bethany; Last Supper; Judas' Betrayal; Jesus before Caiaphas; Peter Disowns Jesus27. Judas Hangs Himself; Jesus' Trial Crucifixion and Burial28. Christ's Resurrection; The Guards' Report; The Great Commission


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