"Object of Enmity"
1445 BC
Bible Division
The Trials of Job
The Book of Job covers the trials that Job, a righteous man, goes through to be tested. While it is a hard read, we learn that it is possible for us to remain faithful to God even against our greatest adversary, Satan. We also see that God, in turn, remains faithful to us.
4004 BC2021 AD
1520 BC



Chapter Outline

1. Job's Holiness; Satan's First Test: Loss of His Children and Goods2. Job's Second Test: Job Loses His Health3. Job's Lament4. Eliphaz Reproves Job5. Eliphaz Shows that God Is Just6. Job's Reproves His Friends of Their Unkindness7. Job Declares His Life Seems Futile8. Bildad Shows God's Justice to the Good9. Job Acknowledges God's Justice10. Job Complains to God Craves a Little Ease Before Death11. Zophar Rebukes Job for Justifying Himself; God's Wisdom Is Unsearchable12. Job Maintains Himself against His Friends; Acknowledges God's Omnipotence13. Job Reproves His Friends for Partiality Professes Confidence in God's Purpose14. Job Asks God for Favor Because of the Shortness of Life15. Eliphaz Reproves Job for Justifying Himself; Declares the Wickedness of Men16. Job Reproves His Friends for Their Unmerciful Outlook; Maintains His Innocence17. Job Appeals from Men to God18. Bildad Reproves Job for Presumption and Impatience19. Job Feels Insulted Craves Pity Believes the Resurrection20. Zophar Declares the Triumph of the Wicked Is Brief21. Job Says God Will Deal with the Wicked22. Eliphaz Accuses and Exhorts Job to Repentance23. Job Longs to Appear before God24. Wickedness is Often Unpunished but there is a Secret Judgment for the Wicked25. Bildad Says that Man Cannot be Justified before God26. Job Declares the Greatness of God27. Job Affirms His Own Righteousness; The wicked Will be Cursed28. Wisdom Is Harder to Obtain than Earth's Treasures29. Job Bemoans His Former Prosperity30. Job's Present State Is Humiliating31. Job Asserts His Integrity32. Elihu Rebukes Job and His Three Friends33. Elihu Declares God Calls Man to Repentance by Visions and Afflictions34. Elihu Accuses Job for Charging God with Injustice35. Many Cry in Affliction But Are Not Heard for Lack of Faith36. Elihu Shows How Job's Sins Hinder God's Blessings37. Elihu Says God is to be Feared Because of His Great Works38. God Speaks Convinces Job of Ignorance39. God Speaks of His Creation40. Job Humbles Himself to God41. God's Power Shown in Creatures42. Job Confesses; God Makes His Friends Submit; God Blesses Job

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