1405 BC
Bible Division
God Delivers Israel from Egypt, Gives Law to Israel
Picking up where Genesis left off, Exodus see God call Moses to deliver the Jews from Egyption slavery. Once delivered, God reveals his law to the people of Israel after they continue to doubt Him.
4004 BC2021 AD
1635 BC — 1491 BC


Chapter Outline

1. Israelites Multiply; Oppression in Egypt2. Birth Adoption and Escape of Moses3. Moses and the Burning Bush4. Miraculous Signs through Moses; Aaron as Mouthpiece; Moses Returns5. Pharaoh Rejects Moses' Plea and Increases the Israelites' Labor 6. God Promises to Deliver the Families of Israel7. Aaron's Staff; Plague of Blood8. Plagues of Frogs Gnats and Flies9. Plagues of Livestock Boils and Hail10. Plagues of Locusts and Darkness11. The Plague on the Firstborn12. Passover; Feast; Memorial; Pharaoh Urges Exodus13. Consecration of the Firstborn; God Leads the People out14. Pharaoh Pursues; The Red Sea is Parted15. Song of Moses and Miriam; The Lord Provides Water16. Manna Quail and the Sabbath17. Water from the Rock; the Defeat of the Amalekites18. Jethro Visits and Counsels Moses19. Moses and the Lord at Mount Sinai20. The Ten Commandments21. Ordinances for Servants and Personal Injuries22. Property Rights and Social Laws23. Laws of Justice Mercy Sabbath Annual Festivals Conquest24. The People Affirm Their Covenant with God25. Tabernacle Offerings Ark Table and Lampstand26. Instructions for the Tabernacle: Curtains Boards and Veil27. Instructions for the Altar and Courtyard Oil for the Lampstand28. Priestly Garments Ephod Breastpiece29. Consecration Sacrifices Food of the Priests30. Altar of Incense Atonement Money Basin Anointing oil31. Craftsmen Bezaleel and Aholiah; the Sabbath Explained32. The Golden Calf and Moses' Anger33. Moses Resumes the Journey and Intercedes for the Israelites34. Tablets Replaced; Covenant Renewed; Radiant Face of Moses35. Sabbath Rules; Workmen and Gifts for the Tabernacle36. Bezalel and Oholiab; Gifts; Tabernacle Construction37. Ark Table Lampstand Altar of Incense38. Altar of Burnt Offering Basin Courtyard Completed; Costs Totaled39. The Priestly Garments; Moses Inspects the Completed Work40. Tabernacle Erected and Filled by the Glory of the Lord


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