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Behold the Dinosaur

While the word 'behemoth' or 'bahămôṯ' derives from a general term for beast or cattle it is used only once in God's Word. The general term is used almost 200 times, so this creature is noted to be unlike the others in some way.

In Job 40-41 we see God describing His two greatest creatures, both of which are one-off mentions that are likely extinct today (Job lived post-flood/pre-Abraham). So, before we even get to the descriptions of the behemoth, we're looking for something that fits as being the greatest masterpieces among God's animals (the Leviathan being the greatest).

Some would say that this creature could have been an elephant or a hippopotamus, but neither of those are greater than a dinosaur. Also, neither of those fit with the desriptions of having a tail like a cedar tree, being too great to hunt (efficiently) and having a nose that cannot be pierced.

It is also worthy to note that the motivation for omitting dinosaur as a possible translation for behemoth is usually tied to the false narratives of evolution that says man and dinosaur did not live at the same time. However, this contradicts what God tells us about the days, the order and the finished state of His creation.

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