61 AD
Bible Division
The Church
4004 BC2021 AD
33 AD — 62 AD



Chapter Outline

1. The Ascension; Matthias Chosen by Lot2. The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost Peter Preaches Believers Gather3. Peter Heals the Lame Beggar Speaks to Onlookers4. Peter and John Arrested and Released; Believers Share All5. Deaths of Ananias and Sapphira; Apostles Imprisoned Released by an Angel; Gamaliel Speaks6. The Seven Chosen; Stephen Seized7. Stephen's Speech Stoning and Death8. Saul Persecutes the Church; Philip in Samaria; Simon the Sorcerer; the Ethiopian9. Saul's Conversion; Ananias; Saul Begins to Preach; Aeneas and Dorcas10. Cornelius' and Peter's Visions; Peter Preaches to the Gentiles11. Peter's Defense in Jerusalem; The Church at Antioch12. Peter Led from Prison by the Angel; Herod's Death13. Church Sends Barnabas and Saul on First Missionary Journey; Cyprus; Pisidian Antioch14. Paul and Barnabas in Iconium Lystra Derbe and Syrian Antioch15. The Council at Jerusalem; James' Support; Barnabas and Paul Part Ways; Second Missionary Journey begins16. Timothy Joins Paul and Silas; Paul's Vision of a Macedonian; Lydia; Conversion of the Philippian Jailer17. Paul at Thessalonica Berea and Athens18. Paul in Corinth; Third Missionary Journey begins19. Miracles Preaching and Riot in Ephesus20. Paul in Macedonia and Greece; Eutychus Raised; Paul's Farewell to Ephesian Elders21. Paul Sails from Miletus to Jerusalem Seized in the Temple22. Paul's Defense to the Crowd23. Paul before the Sanhedrin; Warned of Plot; Transferred to Caesarea24. The Trial Before Felix25. The Trial Before Festus King Agrippa26. Paul's Defense Before Agrippa27. Paul Sails for Rome; Storm and Shipwreck28. Paul Ashore at Malta; Preaches at Rome


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