The Infinite Mind of God

Math and Technology Gives us a Glimpse at Infinity

Ever wondered what infinity is like? It seems like many of us shortchange the mind of God, but perhaps can be contributed to our lack of understanding the word infinity. Now, with help from technology, we can get a better understanding!

Using computers to plot every point of a mathematical equation and adding gradient colors to denote points that come close, we get to see the beauty of fractals that literally continue on forever. Every image on this page is from various sections of the graph. 

In the video below, you can get a glimpse of the mind of God, the author of math. Then you can review the related verses attached to this article to see if there are parallels between what we know about math and what the Bible says about the attributes of God.

After you watch, remember what you've seen, and the next time you feel as though God has left this world out of control, think back to the complexity of His mind and what promises He has made.


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