Genesis Outline

01 God creates the heavens, earth, plants, animals and man 02 Adam and Eve's Beginning in the garden of Eden 03 Adam and Eve's sin and expulsion from the Garden 04 Cain kills Abel; his curse and descendants 05 Descendants from Adam to Noah 06 God's Mercy on Noah in the midst of Man's Wickedness 07 The Great Flood 08 The Flood Subsides and the Ark Rests on Mount Ararat 09 The Covenant of the Rainbow 10 Descendants of Shem Ham and Japheth 11 Tower of Babel; Shem's Descendants to Abraham 12 God Sends Abram to Egypt 13 Abram and Lot Part Ways; Abram Promised Many Descendants 14 Abram Rescues Lot and Receives a Blessing from Melchizedek 15 God's Covenant with Abram 16 Sarai Hagar and Ishmael 17 The Covenant of Circumcision 18 God Promises the birth of Isaac; Abram Pleads for Sodom 19 The Destruction of Sodom; Lot's daughters give birth 20 Abraham Sarah and Abimelech 21 Isaac Born; Hagar and Ishmael Sent Away; Treaty at Beersheba 22 The Offering of Isaac; Nahor's sons 23 Death and Burial of Sarah 24 Isaac and Rebekah 25 Abraham's Death; Ishmael Jacob and Esau 26 Isaac and Abimelech 27 Jacob Gets Isaac's Blessing 28 Jacob's Flight to Laban and Vision of a ladder 29 Jacob Meets Rachel Serves Laban Marries Rachel and Leah 30 Jacob and His Sons Prosper 31 Jacob Leaves for Canaan; Laban Pursues 32 Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau Wrestles with God 33 Jacob Meets Esau Settles in Shechem 34 Shechem Defiles Dinah and is Avenged by Jacob 35 Jacob Returns to Bethel; Jacob Named Israel; Deaths of Rachel and Isaac 36 Descendants of Esau; Kings of Edom 37 Joseph's Dreams and Betrayal by His Brothers 38 Judah and Tamar 39 Joseph's Success; Potiphar's Wife; Joseph Imprisoned 40 Joseph Interprets the Cupbearer and the Baker's Dreams 41 Pharaoh's Dream; Joseph's Interpretation and Reward 42 Joseph's Brothers Sent to Egypt Simeon Detained 43 The Return to Egypt with Benjamin 44 Benjamin and the Silver Cup 45 Joseph Makes Himself Known and Forgives His Brothers 46 Jacob and His Family Move to Egypt 47 Jacob to Goshen; Israelites Multiply; Joseph and the Famine 48 Jacob's Illness; Manasseh and Ephraim 49 Jacob's Blessing to His Sons; Jacob's Death 50 Burial of Jacob; Death of Joseph