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It is my hope that you will be touched by our mission to unite the Church. This page offers some detail about that mission and what drives us here at Digital Manna Ministries. It's time to be excited for Christ! If you believe that, then read on…

A Broken World

In Luke 9:23, Jesus says that in order to be His disciple, we must DENY ourselves and take up our cross DAILY and follow Him! If all we talk about on a daily basis ranges from sports and entertainment to news and work, are we really denying ourselves? Wouldn't it be better if we were also discussing the things that have significant meaning not only to our lives but the eternal lives of others? Is it possible to only WANT to talk about and ENJOY the things that our creator has designed for us to know? Digital Manna aims to bring the Body of the Church together by bringing CLARITY and EXCITEMENT into living the Christian life! It's hard enough to endure struggles when we're not walking in the path that has been created just for us. God fervently calls us to walk in His ways so that HE will satisfy us! (Psalms 81)

When we're left to our own devices, we tend to separate. Think about it. Each generation, for instance, has their own language. The media and entertainment world have found many ways to divide us. Instead of providing ways to bring everyone together, the world entices our generations to grow further and further apart. Kids talk about their cartoons, youth talk about their video games, young adults about music, movies and sports. Adults generally stress over work and the state of the world. And, more often than not, the elderly are left to manage their final years alone. Let's face it, our world is broken; 6000+ years of sin will do that. However, we're not to fold our hands and accept this broken world! So, what ARE we going to do?

A Solution

Here is what Digital Manna wants to do for YOU! We UNDERSTAND how hard it is to open an ancient text and begin reading. We also understand that in this fast paced world, even the simplified Bible studies can still prove to be wordy and specific to a small group of people. This doesn't help generational communication and support. So, here's what we're planning…

What if every age group was doing what they enjoy now; except, the content was shared amongst everyone? What if a child's stuffed animal tied into activities and Bible stories that shared visuals and content with a video game or an advanced crossword puzzle? How about a puzzle that all ages can enjoy together? What if all of that tied into age-targeted Bible Studies that provided various levels of learning that featured the same story? And, what if all of those had direct links to an ever growing resource of freely available information? What could we be talking about then? What could big sister and little brother be sharing with each other? What would grandma say to her daughter and granddaughter as they worked a puzzle together that featured a Bible story that they all have become familiar with in their own ways?

Our goal is to get everyone TALKING and LEARNING and ENJOYING God's Word TOGETHER! And, we want you to be able to do that EVERY DAY! Soon, the teachings acquired in general conversation and entertainment will become part of our thinking. We'll be thinking LIKE CHRIST! Whatever your interest may be, whether it involves games, stories, art, education or research, it is our HOPE that you'll be able to find it and run with it, right here at DigitalManna.org.

Thank you for taking the time to hear us out. I hope that you were inspired and that the time spent was of some value to you. Come join us on this journey.

Thanks again,

— Brent Sain, Founder of Digital Manna Ministries, Inc.


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