Our goal is to provide the latest information in chronological order that can be seen at a general level, then scrutinized at a detailed level. We want you to be able to see how God's Blueprint for the church body has been unfolding and will continue to unfold in the future!

As Christians, we are called to be watchers both for the return of our Master and for signs of the enemy. It's like a watch guard who stays on the lookout and warns the town of impending danger while making sure the town itself is ready for the king's return. However, to be a watcher, we have to understand what has happened in order to fulfill our duty to prepare for what's to come.

Whether you're studying the past, or trying to see where we are in God's Master Plan today, our desire is that you'll be able to find the information you seek, right here in the Events category.

COMING SOON! Events and Timelines!


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