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We've been going through every non-proper noun in each original language of the Bible. This gave us around 5,600 words in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. From there, we quickly tagged each word with one of our 10 high-level categories (along with others, but we'll circle back to that), and that was the first round.

After the first round, we had 243 animals and oddly enough, 243 plants. The upcoming Objects category is currently around 750. However, those numbers include up to 3 languages for one word. It also means we can have multiple words for one subject. For example, to get all lions in the Bible we have to account for male lion, female lion, cub, welp, pride, old lion, fierce lion, etc. Each variation could equate to an original word.

In the second round, we combined all words for one kind of plant or animal into one, but kept their variations (and all related Bible verses) in tact. The exception to that rule is that we completely combined the words that had an exact match in each language. Now, you can see all verses for "lion" regardless of whether or not the Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic word for lion was used.

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